Freelancing is a crazy thing to do

Not only are you simply doing the work you get hired to do, but you are also a full-stack human. You are the marketer, accountant, sales director, accounts receivable department, research analyst, and CEO.

Instead of thinking about how to handle all of this, most freelancers try to stay busy. They optimize for getting work rather than trying to design a path that they want to be on over the long term.

Do You Struggle With The Following Questions?

#1 How to raise rates?

Grinding on the same work at the same rate is a recipe for burnout. Raising your rates is about more than money. It's about raising your ambitions and giving you the space evolve.

#2 When to send proposals?

Most consultants send proposals too soon. Instead make sure you are scoping a problem you want to work on and get buy-in before signing the contract.

#3 How to deliver value to clients?

Too many freelancers share the nitty-gritty of their work. To develop long-term trust you need to put yourself in the client's shoes.

My Belief: The Only Sustainable Strategy Is To Play The Long-Game

The only sustainable path for a freelance consultant over the long term is finding work that you are excited to keep doing. 

The way to find this kind of work is not to take any project that comes your way but to develop a core set of skills that help you build confidence, increasingly shape the projects you want to work on, and build client relationships based on trust

I want to help you:

Build Relationships, Not Decks

In order to shape the work you want to do, you need to build trust. This happens by spending time on the client site, engaging collaboratively with the client from the beginning, and making sure you are communicating in their language.

Solve Problems, Not Dump Data On Client

Consultants often fall into the "book report" trap, trying to prove to the client how much work they've done. Sometimes clients really do want charts but the key to high-value freelancing is figuring out how to guide the client through a process and helping them succeed.

Learn What It Takes To Sell A $20,000 Project

Selling a fixed-price project is not about raising your rates. It's a combination of knowing what you are good at, having the confidence to design a project slightly beyond your comfort zone, and the willingness to walk away.

I Walk You Through Actual Proposals From My Work

How many calls should you have before you send a proposal? How do you get the client to give you feedback? What format should you send things in? What is the normal length from first conversation to signed contract?

Use Structured Templates to Win Projects

Learn the key elements of proposals.  How do you develop a problem statement? How do you write out a detailed process? How do you use the proposal to shape the work towards what you are good at?

📄 Downloadable templates included

Learn From Expert Freelancers

Hear from long-term freelance consultants on how they price projects, deal with financial uncertainty, design their lives, and stay relevant by writing online

This Course Will Help You:

#1 Learning how to have scoping conversations so you can uncover the "problem behind the problem"

#2 Learn when to send a proposal and how to think about the early interactions with the client

#3 Develop your digital footprint such that others know what you do and how to work with you

#4 How to develop standardized templates like proposals and check-in documents that enable you to build confidence with the client

#5 How to use consulting frameworks to communicate to clients and to develop your own internal services and offerings

Example Curriculum

  Welcome To The Course
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  BEFORE You Become A Freelancer
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  Early Stages: Mindset & Basics
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  Landing Projects, Writing Proposals & Signing The Contract
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  Navigating The Client Relationship
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  Doing The Work
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  Deep Dive Interviews on Freelancing
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  Live Q&A Sessions With Paul
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