Welcome To Course & Suggested Course Schedule

Suggested Four-Week Timeline

Some people choose to go through the entire course in one or two days. You are welcome to complete the content as fast or slow as you'd like.

I designed this course around a 4-week timeline to take advantage of the power of our brains. While many people think that cramming (think of those all-night study sessions in school!) is an effective strategy, an even more effective strategy is to let ourselves rest and give us time for our brain's "default mode network" time to make connections from what we've learned:

Downtime is an opportunity for the brain to make sense of what it has recently learned, to surface fundamental unresolved tensions in our lives and to swivel its powers of reflection away from the external world toward itself.

It also makes the most sense to go through these concepts in order, as I have layered the different topics in a very specific order such that the concepts build upon each other. I also offer quick recaps of the topics as I re-introduce them in later sections.

Here is a suggested timeline:

Week 1 - Consulting Mindset Shifts & Fundamentals

Week 1 is a light week, you can use this time to glance ahead at upcoming modules or skip forward to week 2 if you are eager to get going

  • Module 1: Mindset & Process

Week 2 - Synthesis & Structuring Information

  • Review assignment

Watch the lecture & complete the assignment

  • Module 2: MECE Mind
  • Part 1 assignment: Consulting Firm MECE Exercise

Watch the lecture & complete the assignment

  • Module 3: Information To Insight, Part 1
  • Complete mini pyramid principle exercise

Complete Mastery Assignment:

  • Part 2 of assignment: Chief Of Staff synthesis exercise

Review example solutions

Week 3 - Problem Solving & SCQA (Facebook Mobile Shift Case Study)

  • Download Facebook materials

Watch Lectures & Complete Case Study Exercise

  • Start Module 4: Real World Problem Solving: Facebook / SCQA
  • Complete the Problem Statement exercise
  • Continue with Module 4 lectures
  • Complete Issue Tree Exercise
  • Review example solution

Week 4 Persuasion, Communication & Presentations

  • Review assignment

Watch the lecture & complete the assignment

  • Module 5: Storytelling & Presentations

Watch optional lectures & complete the assignment

  • Module 6: Next-Level Persuasion: Creating Memorable Content

Complete and Continue