Week #1 Further Reading Suggestions


Poet David Whyte from The Heart Aroused:

“We might at first label the body’s simple need to focus inward depression. But as we practice going inward, we come to realize that much of it is not depression in the least; it is a cry for something else, often the physical body’s simple need for rest, for contemplation, and for a kind of forgotten courage, one difficult to hear, demanding not a raise, but another life.”


A piece I wrote titled “Ten Surprising Benefits Of Self-Employment” On my relationship with money:

“Being able to “ramp down” your work is a huge feature of being self-employed not available to many full-time workers. To take a leave of absence or unpaid leave is a sign of failure. This is why so many people often “burn out.
Working on my own, I can take time to recharge, spend time with family or focus on projects that I’m excited by to make the journey a lot more sustainable. My goal for this summer is to spend 50 days working or not working remotely hanging with my grandmother and family at the family lake house. This would be almost impossible if I were working in a traditional full-time job, but quite easy with the ability to ramp down my work and push for more remote opportunities.”

The Best Carve Your Own Path Book I've Found

Seth Godin is perhaps the best writer who helps people understand what it takes to “Make a ruckus.” If you want to go deeper, order Linchpin (affiliate / non) and let me know what you think!